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3. 23. In the Model Properties window, the second line
from top of the window gives you options for setting the units. MULTI-PASS ADAPTIVE ANALYSIS We will use
and edit the existing analysis file and run the Multi_Pass Adaptive
analysis. S ow or n ovrvw o sotwr trnn ourss.

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PTC Creo v2. Free Download PTC Creo M Business 30 + HelpCenter Multilanguage. , RO Sotwr Trnn vry usu to pom, n M mn nnnrs . 879836e-03 0. From the
Materials list, double click on steel, placing it on the right side
of the window.

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1 4. Tutorial 1 3D Models3-10In general, a node has 6-degrees of freedom (DOF), three
translations (along x, y, z) and 3 rotations (about x, y, z). PTC Creo v2. . There are three Convergence options: 1. ro mnts/rt Mon nnotton Trnn.

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2(a). Complete the
window entries as follows: Name: shaft3d Title: Animation Design
Study: shaft3d_stat Display Option: check the boxes for Deform and
AnimateFigure 3. 4. Since a concentrated force applied on a surface of the
shaft will create extremely high stresses, we will apply it as an
uniformly distributed force on the end-surface of the shaft. pcgenmod.

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Close the rpt file and click on the Edit
Analysis/Study menu in the Analysis and Design Studies window. Name the file as shaft3d. 16. P Systms r t U’s ony trnn prtnrs rt to vr trnn on Zun 3. Color of the fringes represents the magnitude
of stresses. 3.

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Browse through the list in the
Measures window; scroll down to view all the listed Measures, then
select Max_stress_vm . PTC Creo v2. You can view just one plot at
a time or both the plots. This
will bring you to the Creo environment. 3 CREATING THE MODEL Creo is a top-down software, where, a CAD
model is created first, and then the software creates the nodes and
elements by mathematically dividing the structure into finite
sections, or as known in FEA, elements. Thank you for contacting us for more information, a representative will be in contact with you shortly!
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Program name:

Creo Parametric 8
Creo Parametric allows to create, analyze and share designs using 2D CAD, 3D CAD, and parametric and direct modeling capabilities.

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